Great reception at Fresh Hop Festival

Well, another year, more fresh hops in the brew!  Had a great time in Yakima (always do) and ran out of our kegs of beer before the end.  Always nicer to carry the empties home :-)  Kudos to Head Brewer Kyle, and Brewster Aimee, as they made it to the round of eight!

Fresh Hop Festival




Vinoess meets Brewsters

Brewsters rocking the house today.  Ashley Stephens from Goose Ridge Winery was crossing over the fermentation style to help for the whole brew.  (Of course, we gave her all the really hard jobs… no, I mean the fun ones.)  She actually was fooled enough to want to come back and play with us again for another brew!








You can by our smiles that the brew kettle isn't boiling yet  :-)

You can by our smiles that the brew kettle isn’t boiling yet :-)








Vadoz will be absolutely awesome this time.   The mash was great, got done early and now we’re in the office chillin while the boil begins…


Cleaning out the 400 plus pounds of wet malt...

Cleaning out the 400 plus pounds of wet malt…









Transfer through the heat exchanger.   Hop cone shows where the compressing hops pushed wort up through into little volcanoes.  Hop and beer goodness going into the fermenter :-)

Hop Fountains

Hop Fountains








This occurs when the hop cone loses wort and compresses and forces  more fluid up and out into little volcanoes in the kettle.   (It’s all about the pore pressure  baby.)

Red, White and Blue

Stop in and try some of Chef Logan’s red, white, and blue sangria. Riesling, blueberries, cherries, pineapple, lemon and fresh mint! $7.50 a glass!

Wine for the holiday, and beyond!

Wine for the holiday, and beyond!










Of course, if you wish to stay in the beer mood, that’s OK.  Plenty of refreshing ones to choose from.

Pull up a stool or go around the corner for a chair

Pull up a stool or go around the corner for a chair








Or, go outside for some fun on the grass with games :-)

Big fun in the shade.

Big fun in the shade.


Come enjoy your Friday afternoon in the cool of shady Shrub Steppe Beer Garden!  There’s an empty table for you now :-)

Beer Garden Shade

Brewed Black Tailed Jack

Last weekend’s brew of Black Tailed Jack was exciting, and head brewer Kyle even had some help with the mash in from west side Clayton (tallest in photo, only helped slightly by the stool) and Jeff, who I hope is now working on a Steels Masher to make it much easier.We need a Steels Masher!

We need a steels masher!


Steve came really early to cook us breakfast on the testing stand (propane burners for small batch experimental beers).








Kyle stirring the hundreds of pounds on grain and water…

Kyle mash in







Black Tailed Jack makes a pretty mash.

black tailed





New board to look at

Tastes even better than it looks.

draught 3June14







And Aimee’s been busy in the brewery… doing what else on a week day?  Cleaning kegs to fill.

Good soldiers ready for beer!


Back in Brewery!

Been gone, wasting time away having visits…

20140602 tap menu







Jill poured a lovely sampler someone to enjoy!  .Please notice we have two guest taps,